Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit Declines DP Gachagua’s Request at Ruto Event in Nyahururu

In an unexpected turn of events during a church service in Nyahururu, Laikipia County, Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit firmly declined a request by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to allow one of the leaders to address the congregation. The event, held on Sunday, was attended by President William Ruto and other dignitaries.

The incident unfolded as Gachagua, while addressing the attendees, made a formal request to Bishop Sapit to permit a guest to speak. He assured the bishop that the individual, who was part of the clergy, would adhere to the guidelines and refrain from political discourse. Gachagua was in the midst of introducing various leaders who had accompanied him and the President to the service.

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Despite Gachagua’s assurances and attempts to persuade him, Bishop Sapit remained resolute in his decision. The Deputy President, taken aback by the bishop’s refusal, paused briefly before resuming his speech.

This moment highlighted Bishop Sapit’s commitment to maintaining the sanctity of the church service, emphasizing the separation of religious activities from political agendas. The bishop’s decision underscored the growing sentiment among religious leaders to keep political discussions out of church gatherings.

The service continued without further incident, and President Ruto, along with the other dignitaries, respected the bishop’s stance and participated in the remainder of the service without attempting to introduce any political elements.

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Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit’s decision was met with mixed reactions. Some applauded his unwavering stance on maintaining the church’s neutrality, while others felt that the refusal was a missed opportunity for dialogue. Nonetheless, the bishop’s action served as a reminder of the ongoing effort to preserve the sanctity of religious spaces in the face of increasing political engagement.

As the service concluded, the congregation was left reflecting on the delicate balance between religion and politics, a topic that continues to resonate deeply within Kenyan society.