Dr. Diana Onyango to Testify at International Development Committee on SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Farm Africa’s Head of Technical Team, Dr. Diana Onyango, is set to provide crucial evidence at the International Development Committee’s session on the UK government’s efforts to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger. This significant session, taking place at the House of Commons, will be the final evidence session of the inquiry into the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) initiatives for long-term food security. Former International Development Secretary, Rory Stewart, will also contribute his insights during the session, which will be livestreamed on parliament.tv.

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The Global Food Security Crisis

The UN reports that there is sufficient food production globally to feed everyone, yet the progress towards achieving Zero Hunger has significantly stalled. The situation is exacerbated by recent conflict-driven famines in Gaza and Sudan, and Yemen’s ongoing classification as a “food insecurity crisis” since 2016. Earlier testimonies highlighted the devastating impact of climate change and conflict on food security. Community leaders who have established relief groups underscored the disruptions to traditional farming practices caused by climate-related droughts, political, and economic instability.

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Locally Appropriate Solutions and Dignity in Aid

Witnesses have stressed the importance of developing sustainable, locally appropriate solutions to tackle food insecurity. They pointed out the necessity of preserving personal dignity in aid distribution, advocating for voucher schemes over direct food handouts. This approach ensures that recipients maintain a sense of autonomy and respect while addressing their immediate nutritional needs.

The Role of Agriculture in Achieving Food Security

The session will delve into the diverse strategies for achieving long-term food security, with a particular focus on agricultural practices. Dr. Diana Onyango’s expertise in agricultural development and sustainable farming practices is expected to provide valuable insights into how these methods can be harnessed to combat food insecurity effectively.

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Future Directions and Policy Recommendations

As the inquiry draws to a close, the evidence gathered will inform future policies and initiatives aimed at achieving Zero Hunger. The session’s discussions are anticipated to influence the UK government’s approach to international development and food security, emphasizing the need for resilience-building and sustainable practices.