Lamu County Governor Initiates Educational Support Program for Underprivileged Students

Lamu County Governor Issa Timamy has taken significant steps towards enhancing learning conditions at Bahati Njema Primary School in Mkunumbi Ward, Lamu West Constituency.

Governor Timamy recently visited Bahati Njema Primary School to fulfill his commitment of providing free uniforms and shoes to 126 students. This initiative, according to Timamy, aims to replace worn-out uniforms that can adversely affect a child’s self-esteem and educational experience. Speaking passionately about the importance of this support, Governor Timamy emphasized his administration’s dedication to ensuring every child has the tools and environment necessary to thrive academically.

“I am here today to fulfill my promise towards ensuring these children have respectable school uniforms rather than tattered ones that have a negative psychological effect on a growing mind,” stated Governor Timamy during his visit.

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The provision of uniforms and shoes is just one aspect of Governor Timamy’s broader commitment to supporting educational excellence in Lamu County. He also pledged assistance in procuring desks and promoting participation in co-curricular activities, highlighting his holistic approach to improving educational standards.

David Migwi, the head teacher of Bahati Njema Primary School, expressed gratitude for the governor’s intervention, noting the significant impact it will have on the students’ morale and overall well-being. “The uniforms and shoes will boost the learners’ self-esteem because most of them come from disadvantaged areas,” remarked Migwi, underlining the positive effect of such gestures on the students’ sense of dignity and pride.

In addition to his support for Bahati Njema Primary School, Governor Timamy extended his educational initiatives to Hongwe Primary School, where 50 lockers and an equal number of chairs were donated. These contributions are part of Governor Timamy’s broader strategy to enhance access to quality education and create a conducive learning environment across Lamu County.

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“My administration remains committed towards supporting our children’s education since we believe that every one of them should have the opportunity and means to realize their full potential regardless of their circumstance,” Governor Timamy affirmed, emphasizing the inclusive nature of his educational policies.

Furthermore, Governor Timamy acknowledged the support of a foreign sponsor who has facilitated the establishment of a physiotherapy class for students requiring physical therapy sessions. This initiative underscores Governor Timamy’s proactive stance in ensuring comprehensive support for all students, including those with special needs.

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Looking ahead, Governor Timamy announced plans to collaborate with partners to construct a dormitory specifically designed for students with disabilities at Bahati Njema Primary School. This initiative aims to enhance the comfort and accessibility of educational facilities for disabled students, reflecting Lamu County’s commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities in education.

Through these initiatives, Governor Issa Timamy has not only demonstrated his leadership in education but also set a commendable example of community engagement and support for underprivileged students in Lamu County. His efforts underscore the transformative impact of targeted educational interventions in shaping a brighter future for all children, irrespective of their backgrounds.