Minette Batters Nominated for Peerage: A Champion for Farmers at Home and Abroad

Farm Africa congratulates our esteemed ambassador and former National Farmers’ Union (NFU) President Minette Batters on her recent nomination for a life peerage. This accolade will see Minette become a Baroness and sit as a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, where she will continue her non-partisan advocacy for farmers and agricultural issues.

Minette Batters has been a stalwart advocate for farmers both within the UK and internationally. Her nomination for a peerage is a testament to her extensive contributions to agriculture and public service. In 2021, she was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, recognizing her dedication and service.

As a crossbench peer, Minette will bring her wealth of experience and a non-political perspective to the House of Lords. Crossbench peers are known for their independence, sitting on benches that cross the chamber, and often play a crucial role in scrutinizing legislation.

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Minette’s tenure as President of the NFU, which concluded in February 2024, was marked by her tireless efforts to champion the interests of farmers. She continues to run a tenanted family farm in Wiltshire, grounding her advocacy in practical, hands-on experience.

Dan Collison, Farm Africa Chief Executive, praised Minette’s nomination: “This is richly deserved recognition for the role that Minette plays in our public life, including her commitment to the lives and livelihoods of farmers outside the UK. We are honoured to have her as a Farm Africa ambassador.”

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Minette’s dedication to Farm Africa’s mission has been unwavering. Her long-standing support for farmers in eastern Africa has seen her participate in numerous initiatives. From running the London marathon twice to celebrating International Women’s Day with farmer-to-farmer conversations and speaking at a variety of Farm Africa events, Minette has been a dynamic force in promoting agricultural development.

Later this year, Minette will visit Embu County in Kenya, accompanied by a group of female leaders from the UK food and farming sector. This visit underscores her commitment to fostering global agricultural connections and supporting women in farming.

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Farm Africa’s work in Embu County focuses on improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through sustainable agricultural practices. Minette’s visit will highlight the importance of international collaboration in addressing agricultural challenges and promoting food security.

Minette Batters’ nomination for a peerage is a significant milestone in her career. Her elevation to the House of Lords will provide her with a broader platform to advocate for the agricultural sector and the vital work of organizations like Farm Africa. As she prepares to take on this new role, her commitment to farmers, both in the UK and abroad, remains steadfast and inspiring.