Nyamira Governor Distributes Education Funds, Emphasizes Discipline and Support

Governor Amos Nyaribo of Nyamira County recently presided over a ceremony at Uhuru Gardens where he distributed education bursaries to form one and two students. Addressing the gathering, Governor Nyaribo emphasized the phased approach of the distribution, stating that students in form three and four will receive their funding in the following year.

“This exercise is conducted in phases,” Governor Nyaribo explained. “This time, it was for those in the lower forms.”

He urged the beneficiaries to apply themselves diligently in their studies, highlighting the importance of proving their worthiness for future support. The governor noted the significant number of students in the county who rely on these funds to finance their education.

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However, Governor Nyaribo also issued a stern warning regarding discipline among the beneficiaries. He emphasized that any reports of misconduct from their respective schools would result in the automatic withdrawal of the scholarship. The funds would then be redirected to students deemed more deserving and obedient.

In addition to encouraging academic excellence, Governor Nyaribo called upon residents to ensure timely payment of taxes. He stressed that these contributions are vital for the effective delivery of government services across the county.

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Supporting the governor’s message, Member of the County Assembly for Nyamira Township Ward, Duke Masira, reiterated that the funds provided by the county government are intended as a supplementary support for learners. Masira acknowledged that the bursaries may not cover all educational expenses and urged parents and guardians to contribute towards clearing any fee arrears.

“Parents and guardians play a crucial role in supplementing these funds,” Masira remarked. “Their support ensures that students can focus on their studies without financial worry.”

Masira also emphasized the importance of parental guidance in the upbringing of children, urging families to monitor their children’s activities both at home and at school to foster a healthy environment for learning.

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The event underscored the county government’s commitment to enhancing access to education while promoting accountability and discipline among students. As Nyamira County continues its efforts to support learners, the impact of these bursaries on educational outcomes is expected to resonate positively within the community.

For more updates on educational initiatives and local governance in Nyamira County, stay tuned to local news channels and government announcements.