Promoting Inclusivity and Community Spirit: ASK Kisii Branch’s Support for Students with Disabilities

The Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Kisii Branch, led by Chairman Kefah Onduso, recently visited Mwata Adventist School for the Deaf in Bonchari Constituency. Their mission: to support students with disabilities ahead of the upcoming Agricultural shows scheduled for July 11-14, 2024.

During their visit, ASK Kisii Branch generously donated essential commodities to the students, including foodstuffs, bedding, soaps, sanitary towels, and assorted learning materials valued at KSh100,000. This initiative not only provided tangible support but also emphasized the importance of inclusivity in education and community development.

Chairman Kefah Onduso expressed a powerful message urging parents not to conceal their children with disabilities at home but instead to enroll them in special schools where they can acquire vital life skills. His words resonated deeply, highlighting the societal benefits of embracing and supporting individuals with disabilities.

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“We believe in enriching our community spirit by connecting with people and generating ideas that positively impact lives,” Chairman Onduso stated. This sentiment underscores ASK Kisii Branch’s commitment to giving back to society and fostering a supportive environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.

Dr. Will Oruta, South Kenya Seventh Day Adventist Church Conference Education Secretary, commended Martha Okioma for her donation of land to establish the school, which has significantly benefited less privileged students in the area. He also praised ASK Kisii Branch for their partnership with the disabled community, reflecting values of compassion and inclusivity akin to teachings attributed to Jesus Christ.

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“You gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you, especially those living with disabilities,” Dr. Oruta emphasized, echoing the sentiment of community service and support.

Robert Ombasa, Kisii County Government Secretary, lauded ASK Kisii Branch for their generosity and non-discriminative actions, which he described as embodying the African tradition of unity. He encouraged youth in the region to seize the upcoming Kisii Agricultural show as an opportunity to learn modern farming techniques such as beekeeping and poultry farming, highlighting the show’s potential for educational advancement.

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In conclusion, ASK Kisii Branch’s initiative at Mwata Adventist School for the Deaf not only provided essential supplies but also symbolized a broader commitment to inclusivity, community service, and educational empowerment. As preparations continue for the Agricultural shows, the impact of such initiatives serves as a reminder of the transformative power of collective action in fostering a more inclusive society.

This article captures the essence of ASK Kisii Branch’s recent efforts, highlighting their significant contribution to the community and setting a positive example for inclusive education and community engagement.